About us

The business side of things
Established in 1992, Von Krahl Theatre was the first privately-owned theatre company in newly independent Estonia.

The artistic side of things
Since the very beginning Von Krahl Theatre has been a disruptor in the initially stagnant world of Estonian theatre, which used to be heavily grounded in psychological realism and a fetishism of grand old drama personalities with booming voices in dusty wigs. That changed by the end of the ‘90s with the invasion of postmodernism. Bringing a fresh “fuck you” attitude to the game, Von Krahl Theatre was like an artistic alliance of aliens who fused old notions of the drama ritual with fresh ideas about modern art, philosophy, theology, science, love and sex. Estonian theatre has never recovered.
Today Von Krahl Theatre is on the brink of a new cycle of life. What happens to the revolutionary after the revolution? That’s what the company asks themselves today. In order to find the answer everything is rebuilt. The house is rebuilt. The ideals undergo a full revision. After all we need to bring back art to an artistically oversaturated world where people are drowning in information and noise has become the new silence. No small task.

In the name of love.